What's New

QNB Online Banking New Features


QNB Online Banking Self-Registration by online through website (self-registration).
Ease of registering for QNB Online Banking by using a gadget / electronic device that you have and can be done anywhere at any time, without having to come to the branch and/or call the the QNB Indonesia Contact Center.

After registration has been successful, QNB Online Banking service can be used for transactions.

QNB Indonesia Credit Card

QNB Indonesia Credit Card Payment through QNB Online Banking

QNB Online Banking comes with new features for QNB Indonesia Credit Card services. QNB Indonesia Credit Card holders now able to perform Credit Card payments. The transactions can be done anytime and anywhere.

Time Deposit

A new feature in QNB Online Banking which gives convenience for customer to perform time deposit opening through QNB Online Banking website https://ib.qnb.co.id without having to visit QNB Indonesia branch.

The benefits of opening a deposit through QNB Online Banking are as follows:

-    Can be done anytime and anywhere 

Customers can carry out time deposit opening at home, in their offices or while relaxing on vacation by simply using their gadgets.

-    Competitive interest rates

The interest rates offered are very competitive compared to the interest rates offered in the market and get special interest up to 4.75% (p.a).

In the event that Deposit is made in ARO condition, the interest rate applied to the extended deposit shall be in accordance with the interest rate prevailing at the Bank at the time of the extension.

-    Flexible

Time deposit opening can be done by placing funds starting from IDR 8 million, and Customer also given various options for time deposit placement periods and disbursement mechanisms.

QNB Online Banking can display deposits from all channels