Beware of SIM Swap Fraud

Beware of SIM Swap Fraud

What is SIM Swap Fraud? 

A type of account takeover, usually a mobile phone number to gain financial access available on the mobile phone. Normally, fraudster is well aware of the victim’s status and his/her banking transaction history.

How Fraudster Conducts SIM Swap Fraud

  • Steal personal data such as full name, place and date of birth and mother’s name by hacking into the victim’s social media through email phishing or direct call
  • Approach the telecommunication provider to receive ‘new’ SIM Card and making the victim’s SIM card deactivated
  • If successful, fraudster  will then conduct banking transaction using OTP (one time password) sent to the phone number

Tips to Prevent SIM Swap Fraud

  • Keep your personal information private by not sharing it to social media. If possible, use different phone number and email for banking activities from personal activities
  • Ignore calls or SMS asking you to turn off your mobile phone temporarily
  • Contact your telecommunication provider immediately if your mobile phone number and SIM card cannot be used
  • Activate the SMS and email alert services for all financial application on your mobile phone

If you find suspicious or irregular activities or transactions, please contact:

QNB Indonesia Contact Center (+6221) 300 55 300