How to Register and Use UCan

How to Register and Use UCan

Using UCan is super easy, all transactions can be done in few simple steps.

How to  register UCan?

To register UCan you just need follow simple steps as below:

1. Click UCan card on myIM3 homepage & agree with the specific Terms & Conditions

2. Input your IM3 number to get the verification code and click "next" to agree with the Terms & Conditions

3. Upload your E-KTP

4. Follow the Face Checking process

5. Fill your data, emergency contact & set PIN

6. Submit your application and wait for the result

How to make Cash Withdrawal?

Cash Withdrawal feature will only be available for selected user, you will see "Get Cash" button below your available limit information.

How to do Cash Withdrawal

1. Open the UCan homepage

2. Tap the "Get Cash" button

3. Enter the amount of funds you want to withdraw (the minimum for each withdrawal is IDR 500.000 or the maximum value of the remaining available limit)

4. If you have not registered the account to which the funds will be transferred, tap “Register” in the Bank Account section

a. Enter the account number

b. Select Bank

c. Tap "Confirm"

5. Tap "Continue"

6. Tap "Confirm"

7. Enter the PIN

How should I pay my UCan bills?

UCan loan repayments can be made by simply making a bank transfer from your Mobile Banking/Internet Banking/ATM to our virtual banking account.


1. Open the UCan homepage

2. Check the Billing page by swiping left on the screen and see your bill amount.

3. Tap “Repay now”

4. Tap "Bank Transfer"

5. If you have account with Mandiri, BNI, BRI, PermataBank or BCA then select the appropriate bank and virtual account number will be produced. If your bank with other banks, then choose “Other bank account” and virtual account number will be produced.

6. Copy the virtual account number, go to your banks ATM / your Internet Banking / Mobile Banking, choose Bank Transfer* and pay the amount due to this virtual account. The virtual account number is unique to you and we will directly link it to your balance

*Transfer fee may applied, following your banking account terms & conditions. There is a minimum transfer amount which required by Bank or financial institution that you use, depending on the payment method that you choose, usually the amount ranging from IDR 5.000 to IDR 10.000