About UCan

About UCan

UCan is a digital loan product that caters your needs in a simple, fast and convenient way. Through the collaboration with a leading telecommunication operator in Indonesia, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, UCan offers cash advance products to customers in a seamless process, from application opening to cash withdrawals digitally. Currently, UCan has two features, namely Cash Withdrawals and Instalment.


  • Up to IDR 15,000,000 limit instant credit with fast & easy registration process. Pay in instalments with various tenor options that can be adjusted to your needs.
  • Instalments of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison's data package product which available exclusively for UCan customers. Get up to 126GB data quota on a 3 to 6 months term instalment and save up to IDR 90,000.


1. What is the available payment method?

You can make the payment through Alfamart, mobile banking, ATM and internet banking service from any bank. On the UCan payment guidelines page, choose your preferred virtual account and follow the payment transfer therein

2. What does UCan charge?

There is no annual fee for UCan.

Other fees 
Cash Withdrawal fee:

  • Upfront admin fee
  • Interest rate: 2.95% - 6.45%. The exact interest is subject to the final confirmation per each cash loan transaction

Late Payment Fee: 
Any overdue payment passed the Last Repayment Date (Due Date + 3 days) will be charged 0.3% fee per day from total unpaid bill which calculated since due date.

Instalment Admin Fee:
The amount depends on the package purchased, the fee that will be charged refers to the final confirmation upon each UCan Exclusive Package purchase

Refers to a certain amount of money that will be charged to customer, in case customer unable to fulfill the payment obligation upon purchasing UCan Exclusive Package. The amount is at the Deposit amount. Currently purchase of Installment do not require any deposit, therefore no fine will be imposed to customers.

3. What is UCan Exclusive Package?    

UCan Exclusive Package is Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison's product which is available exclusively for UCan customer. Available packages with 3 to 6 months instalment option can be seen on UCan page. You shall need to transfer Down Payment and complete UCan registration to enjoy instalment of UCan Exclusive Package. Only 1 (one) UCan Exclusive Package can be purchased at one time.

4. Is my personal information safe by using UCan? 

As mentioned in OJK regulations, user is required to provide personal data and other information correctly. The Bank ensures that the user's personal data will be kept confidential and secured. The use of user personal data will comply with applicable regulations.

To access UCan complete FAQ click here

Terms & Conditions

To access UCan Terms & Conditions click here