First Reward

Enjoy the privilege as a QNB First Customer and get cash back up to IDR22 million. As an appreciation for new QNB First customers, we would like to give you a special offer through First Reward Program.

Enjoy the following benefits as QNB First Customer:

  • Unlimited transfer without any fee through QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking
  • Special price for Safe Deposit Box
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to serve your financial needs
  • Airport Transfer and Airport Lounge services in several cities in Indonesia
  • Medical Check-Up
  • 2 (two) ticket* XXI the Premiere every month, throughout the year
  • Premium Airport Special Service (PASS) and Concordia Airport Lounge
  • Special gift on you birthday and feast day

Program Scheme

  • Program period: 23 February 2024 – 30 December 2024
  • To get reward, new QNB First customers are required to place funds, activate QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking service, and purchase product according to the following criteria:

Basic Package

Rev Tabel First Reward - basic package (English).png

Add-On Package

Tabel First Reward - add on package (English).png


How to join the program

To participate on the First Reward program, you need to join as a new QNB First customer and fill out the First Reward Program Participation Form which can be done at the nearest Bank QNB Indonesia branches.

Contact Bank QNB Indonesia Relationship Manager or Bank QNB Indonesia Contact Center (021) 300 55 300 for registration guidance and explanation/detail related to the total return of First Reward Program.

Terms & conditions


I. General Provisions



1. Bank or Bank QNB Indonesia is PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk.

2. Customer is an individual who conducts transactions and banking products from Bank QNB Indonesia.

3. QNB First is a form of priority service to Bank QNB Indonesia customers who have met the criteria and requirements to become QNB First customers at Bank QNB Indonesia.

4. Premium/ Regular Savings Account is one of the banking products owned by the Bank in the form of savings with the opening of its account through all Bank QNB Indonesia branches.

5. Asset Under Management (AUM) is the total volume of funds in the form of Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Time Deposits, and Wealth Management Products such as Mutual Funds and Bancassurance of third parties purchased by the Customer through Bank QNB Indonesia.

6. Mutual Funds is a vessel used to collect funds from the investor community to be invested in Securities Portfolio by the Investment Manager

7. Bancassurance is a collaborative activity between Bank QNB Indonesia and insurance companies in order to market insurance products through Bank QNB Indonesia.

8. Program Terms and Conditions is the general terms and conditions applicable to First Reward which as from time to time may be changed, supplemented and/or updated by the Bank.

9. First Reward Program Participation Form (hereinafter referred to as "Program Participation Form") means a statement letter provided by PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk ("Bank QNB Indonesia") to be completed and signed by the customer to provide a statement regarding Program participation.completed and signed by the Customer to provide a statement regarding Program participation.

10. Fresh Fund is funds placed by the customer at Bank QNB Indonesia originating from other banks.

11. First Reward Program Cancellation Form (hereinafter referred to as "Program Cancellation Form") is a form provided by Bank QNB Indonesia to be completed and signed by the customer in the case of providing a statement of cancellation of Program participation

12. First Reward Program (hereinafter referred to as "Program") is a program from Bank QNB Indonesia offered to Customers who meet the Program Terms and Conditions

13. In the event that the definitions and other terms used are not stated in the Program Terms and Conditions, the definitions of the other terms refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Account Opening and Banking Facilities / Services of PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk


 II. Program Period

First Reward Program period: 23 February 2024 – 31 December 2024

The Program registration period starts from 22 February 2024 and the Program registration deadline is 31 December 2024


III. Program Terms and Conditions


1. Criteria for Customers who can join the Program:

a. New to Bank ("NTB") with Fresh Fund placement from other banks.

b. Customers who already have a CIF but have closed their account min. 1 year ("Win-Back").

c. Non-QNB First customers who already have an account at Bank QNB Indonesia ("Existing Customer") and are not registered as QNB First Customers within the last 1 year starting from the month of program participation.


2. Customers who have met the criteria as stipulated in point 1 are obliged to do the following:

a. Register as a QNB First Customer and sign the Program Participation Form ("Program Participation Date");

b. No later than 14 calendar days after the Program Participation Date, the customer must making fresh fund placement in Time Deposit and Premium Savings Account, as well as activate QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking. For placement of funds in Premium Savings Account will be hold according to the tenor of the Time Deposit.


3. Add-On Program Terms:

a. Customers who will participate in the Add-On Program are required to use fresh funds outside of the Basic Program funds.

b. For Customers who make additional purchases for wealth management products, the purchase must be made within 1 calendar month starting from the Program Participation Date. The wealth management products included in this program include; Allianz Assetlink Optima, Allianz Wealthlink Protection Life, Allianz Wealthlink Prestige Life II and mutual fund products. For Allianz Assetlink Optima products, what is taken into account as a purchase is the Basic Premium and the first premium top-up. For Allianz Wealthlink Protection Life and Allianz Wealhlink Prestige Life II products, the purchase is Basic Premium. Especially for mutual fund products, money market mutual funds are not included in this program.


4. Bank QNB Indonesia will credited the cash back to the customer's Premium Savings Account in rupiah savings account in the second calendar month starting from the commencement month of the Program Participation Date where the cash back tax is borne by the customer in accordance with applicable regulations.

Example: Customers who register for the program in May 2024 will get cash back in July 2024.


5. For Customers who also carry out additional activities in the form of customer referrals through the Friends First (Member Get Member) program, the awarding of Member Get Member program prizes is not carried out in conjunction with the First Reward program prizes, but will be carried out four months after the opening of the referred Customer Information File ("CIF").

6. Bank QNB Indonesia will check and evaluate the customer's eligibility during the participation and detention period

7. If the customer cancels the participation in the Program, the customer is willing to be deducted amounting twice the nominal cash back of the Basic Program that is followed as the penalty.

8. If the customer cancels his/her participation in this Program, the customer must come to the Bank QNB Indonesia branch office where the customer registered his/her participation in this Program and the customer must sign the Program Cancellation Form

9. The customer's Time Deposit balance that exceeds the maximum value of deposits and/or exceeds the interest rate guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) or does not meet other requirements in accordance with LPS Regulations, is deposited with all risks and is entirely the responsibility of the customer.

10. The General Terms and Conditions of this Program are an integral part of the Program Participation Form, Program Participation Cancellation Form and General Terms and Conditions for Account Opening and Banking Facilities/Services of PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk.


11. This Program's Terms and Conditions Syarat dan Ketentuan Umum Program is inseparable from the Program Participation Form, Program  Cancellation Form  and requirement and General Provisions of Account and Banking Facilities/Services opening of PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk.

12. The Customer is obliged to ensure that the Customer's email registered with Bank QNB Indonesia is a correct and valid email address. Therefore, the customer is fully responsible for errors, or omissions in entering and registering the customer's email address

13. Customers who participate in the First Reward program have agreed to the terms & conditions of the program.

14. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that Bank QNB Indonesia has the right to make changes and/or additions to provisions related to the Program based on the General Terms and Conditions of the Program, including, among others, changes and/or additions to provisions related to notification to the customer by Bannk QNB Indonesia through the official website of Bank QNB Indonesia and/or through Bank QNB Indonesia branch offices or by mail which will be sent to the customer's address and/or through other media no later than 30 (thirty) working days before the implementation of changes and/or additions to the Program.

15. Bank QNB Indonesia reserves the right to make changes to deposit rates in accordance with Bank Indonesia's interest rate decision and applies to the new form issued.

16. For other questions, please contact Bank QNB Indonesia Relationship Manager or Contact Center at (021) 300 55 300.

17. If any of the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions of this Program become invalid, or unenforceable under the applicable law in Indonesia, the validity, legality or enforceability of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of this Program will not be affected or disturbed by it.

18. Failure to use, or delay in exercising any right or remedy on the part of Bank QNB Indonesia under these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed to waive it, and the full or partial use of a right or remedy shall not prevent any further or other use thereof or exercise of any other right or remedy. Bank QNB Indonesia's rights and remedies in these Terms and Conditions are cumulative and do not exclude other rights or remedies stipulated by law.

19. All notices and communications to the customer may:

a. sent by post or sent directly to the last address notified to Bank QNB Indonesia; or

b. delivered through print or electronic media as selected by Bank QNB Indonesia will be deemed notified to the Customer on the date the notification is published or broadcast.


20. The General Terms and Conditions of this Program shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws, statutes and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. For the implementation of the General Terms and Conditions of the Program and all its legal consequences, the parties choose a legal domicile and remain at the Registrar's Office of the South Jakarta District Court or other relevant District Court Office at the branch where the Customer's account is opened.