VISA Debit Contactless Card

Visa Debit Contactless Card Product Information

Enjoy convenient transactions worldwide with the new contactless feature of the QNB Indonesia Visa Debit Contactless Card.

Use your QNB Indonesia Visa Debit Contactless Card  by only tapping the card for payment at any store that displays the contactless symbol and the security of your contactless transaction is the same as any transaction using chip and PIN.

You do not need to use a PIN (contactless) for the payment up to IDR 1 million. On the other hand, for the payment above IDR 1 million, you have to enter your PIN at selected EDC terminals worldwide.

Free transaction without minimum amount for payment using the EDC with Visa Logo (domestic and overseas), ATM Bersama, PRIMA networks and free* cash withdrawal fee at all ATM Bersama and PRIMA networks across Indonesia.

*Apply during promotion period

National Standard Indonesia Chip Card Specification (NISCCS)

To enhance the security and convenient transaction, QNB Indonesia Visa Debit Contactless has complied with the National Standard Indonesia Chip Card Specification (NISCCS), which provides a safer and secure environment for data transaction.

Especially for QNB First Customer, you can exchange your GPN Debit Card with Bank QNB Indonesia Visa Contactless Debit Card at no charge until 30 June 2023 at the nearest Bank QNB Indonesia branches.


Facility and Limit Transaction


Transaction Facility of QNB Indonesia Visa Debit Contactless Card  Transaction Fee (IDR)  Visa Debit Contactless Classic   QNB First Visa Platinum Debit Contactless 
 Limit per day   Limit per day 
 Frequency   Nominal (IDR)   Frequency   Nominal (IDR) 
Cash withdrawal on QNB Indonesia ATM -  10x  10.000.000  10x  25.000.000
Cash withdrawal on all networks (ATM Bersama, PRIMA, Visa) in Indonesia (domestic)* 7.500  10x  10.000.000  10x  25.000.000
Cash withdrawal on Visa networks in overseas (International) 20.000  10x  10.000.000  10x  25.000.000
Balance enquiry on QNB Indonesia ATM  -   5x   -   10x   - 
Balance enquiry on all networks (ATM Bersama, PRIMA & Visa) in Indonesia (Domestic)* 4.500  5x   -   10x   - 
Balance Enquiry  on ATM with Visa networks in overseas (international) 5.000  5x   -   10x   - 
Billing payments 1.500  10x  2.000.000  20x  10.000.000
Purchase/payment at EDC terminal in Indonesia and overseas (non contactless process)   -  15x 25.000.000 15x 100.000.000
Purchase/payment at EDC terminal in Indonesia and overseas (contactless process or without PIN)  with maximum transaction of IDR 1.000.000  -   5x  2.500.000  10x  5.000.000
Transfer to QNB Indonesia account  -   5X  25.000.000  10x  100.000.000
Transfer to other bank 6.500  5x  25.000.000  10x  100.000.000
Maximum amount per transaction  -   -  10.000.000     10.000.000

*Limit and fees are subject to change

For more information please contact QNB Indonesia Contact Center (021) 300 55 300.


Enjoy Discount IDR25.000 for minimum  purchase of 2 tickets and discount 25% with maximum IDR25.000 for purchase of food and beverages using Bank QNB Indonesia Regular Debit Card at the Cinema XXI and XXI Cafe.

Program period 23 June 2023 – 31 December 2023

Program Informations

  • Enjoy discount with maximum amount of IDR25.000 for minimum purchase of 2 tickets at Cinema XXI
  • Enjoy discount 25% with maximum of IDR25.000 on all food and beverages at XXI Cafe (excludes combo package purchases)

This promo valid at Cinema XXI below:

City Cinema
Jakarta  Plaza Senayan XXI
Emporium Pluit XXI
Plaza Indonesia XXI
Pondok Indah 2 XXI
Kelapa Gading XXI
Puri XXI
Bandung Ciwalk XXI
Semarang DP Mall XXI Semarang
Surabaya Tunjungan 5 XXI
Medan  Deli Park XXI

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is valid for all Bank QNB Indonesia customers (including Bank QNB Indonesia employee) and Cinema XXI customers who purchase using Bank QNB Indonesia Regular Debit Card (GPN Debit Card and Debit Visa Contactless Card)
  • In the event where Cinema XXI customer does not have Bank QNB Indonesia account, customer will be advised to visit the nearest Bank QNB Indonesia branch to open a new account
  • This provision does not apply to multiple and split bills


For further information please contact Bank QNB Indonesia Contact Center (021) 30055300