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DooEt mobile application from Bank QNB Indonesia


In line with the rapid development of banking services that are now abreast with technological paradigm, QNB Indonesia presents Direct One on One Electronic Transaction or “DooEt” caters as digital banking service that is user friendly to you. DooEt is electronic money (E-Money) that enabling the daily transactions to become more simple, swift and secure anytime and anywhere.


DooEt can be used as a payment medium when shopping at merchant partners, utility bill payment, prepaid mobile phone voucher, and ticket purchase for airplanes and trains.


Efficiently, DooEt is using mobile phone number as the account number, so making it easier to remember your account without having to note or save it.



*DooEt+ is mobile banking of QNB Indonesia. DooEt+ features are accessible by link QNB Indonesia savings account to DooEt+ application.


Customer Benefits


  1. Easy to use transaction features including balance inquiry, transfer** and bill payment with DooEt+ application
  2. Purchase efficiency with transacting simply by scanning QR code
  3. The one-click process, so purchasing do not need to count cash or wait for small change
  4. Enjoy a wide variety of attractive promotions from merchant partners
  5. Transactions are secured, where all transactions are recorded on the payment system technology which protected and stated on the transcation history

**The feature is only available in DooEt+


How to download

iOS Device (App Store)

Android Device (Play Store)


How to register :

  1. Open DooEt+ application
  2. Choose CLICK HERE
  3. Complete your personal information
  4. Click Process
  5. Access Code will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone
  6. Enter 6 digits Access Code
  7. Click Process
  8. Registration done


How to link Savings Account :

  1. Open DooEt+ Application
  2. Enter your 6 digits PIN
  3. Choose My Account
  4. Choose Add Account
  5. Complete your personal information
  6. Enter Continue
  7. Check your personal information again, if correct then click 'YES'
  8. Access Code will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone
  9. Enter 6 digits Access Code
  10. Click Proceed
  11. Additional account/savings done


How to top up :

  • Interbank Transfer via ATM (ATM Bersama, Prima, Alto), Mobile Banking, Internet Banking to Bank QNB Indonesia (Bank QNB/QNB Kesawan/Kesawan) or enter bank code 167 followed by registered Mobile Phone Number as the account number
  • For Transfer via ATM Bank QNB Indonesia, enter registered Mobile Phone Number as the account number
  • Cash deposit through Teller at QNB Indonesia
  • Transfer from other account using DooEt+


How to purchase ticket:

  1. Choose Ticketing Menu and click Citilink/Kereta Api Indonesia
  2. Fill in trip detail and click Search
  3. Choose the trip schedule
  4. Check the trip detail, then click Continue
  5. Complete passenger personal data and click Proceed
  6. Check the detail payment again, then click Next
  7. Enter 6 digits PIN
  8. Transaction is done and save the booking code


How to purchase :

  1. Click D Bayar
  2. Scan QR Code merchant
  3. Fill in purchase detail, and click Proceed
  4. On confirmation page, if correct click Proceed
  5. Input 6 digits PIN for validation
  6. Transaction done





For more information

Call us on: (+6221) 300 55 300