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QNB Indonesia History


In 1913, Bank QNB Indonesia, formerly known as NV Chunghwa Shangyeh was established in Medan. With more than 100 years banking experience, in 2011 the Bank enchanced its capital through right issue that makes Qatar National Bank (QNB) the Controlling Shareholders of the Bank and changed its named to PT Bank QNB Kesawan Tbk. In 2014, then alter its name and logo to PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk through right issue IV, QNB share ownership has increased to 82,59 %.


QNB was established in 1964 as the first Qatari owned commercial bank with an ownership structure shared between Qatar Investment Authority (50%) and the private sector (50%).


QNB Group as the largest bank in the Middle East and North Africa region continues to improve its performance. QNB was recently recognized as "The Best Bank in The Middle East" by Euromoney Magazine and was voted as "One of the Top 50 Safest Bank in the World" by Global Finance Magazine in 2013.


Bank QNB Indonesia offers a wide range of innovative products and facilities that make your banking activities easy.

Savings Account, savings with free health insurance benefit in
any hospitals, for 365 days.

Checking Account, checking facility in rupiah. Enjoy a daily
interest and easy withdrawal process.

Personal Loan, a quick and easy instant unsecured loan.

Premium Savings Account, savings that offers you various

Premium Checking Account, checking facility designed for the
comfort of your business transaction.

Global Account, deposit in foreign currencies for your savings and

Global Checking Account, checking facility in foreign currencies
for your business.

First Switching, savings with the switching benefit from one
currency to another.

Forex & Remittance, facilitate multi currencies transactions with
competitive rate and a wide range of foreign currencies.


QNB Indonesia is a bank that registered with and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.


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